The downward spiral

Fakir S.Ayazuddin

The dangerous state Pakistan is in, is a creation of our own inherent stupidity, and a slave mindset, allowing the masters to dictate their wishes however they please. Whilst the slaves toil away in their misery, their lot getting worse, by the day, waiting for a messiah to lead them out of their mess.
It is incredible that we can be shown children being taught in a poultry farm, with half a roof missing, and no drinking water. Yet we have a prime minister that can go to the UN to attend the General Assembly meeting, and take his own chef with him! We can boast of being a nuclear state, with the sixth largest stockpile of nukes. Something is seriously wrong here. The prime minister can waft up to 10 Downing Street in his private Bentley. Yet he has not had a full cabinet meeting in the 20 months of his third stint as prime minister. Something is definitely wrong here. It is time these charlatans were hounded out of office. It is as if the Mafia has, indeed, taken control of Pakistan. And as if it can do as it pleases. I had earlier stated that in Pakistan no one obeys the law. I was told by a Western diplomat that this government was voted in by our people. This person failed to explain how the NRO was imposed on us by the UK and US governments combined. In fact, Condoleeza Rice takes credit for the NRO, as her brainchild. It was an illegal document and condoned illegal acts by our ex-ruler brought back into power for a sham democracy that we are still suffering under.
The entire state of Pakistan knows no laws, even traffic laws are ignored. If these were violations in Washington, there would be gridlock and within fifteen minutes the city would be paralysed. Laws are essential, for they keep the system working. If the laws are ignored, and undeserving people are appointed upon a whim, then the rulers shall pay the price. It happened to Benazir, who chose to appoint Rahman Malik as her Head of Security, for which she paid the ultimate price. Similarly, Nawaz Sharif has a kitchen cabinet full of Gullu Butts, responsible for 14 casualties in the model town massacre. The reckoning for this crime has still not been done. It will be interesting to see if this can fall within the terrorism act.
Unless the lawbreakers can be brought to justice, we shall have the same trash returning to power again and again. This has been the reason for our martial laws, that keep occurring. With each newcomer, the jails are filled with lawbreakers, that manage to corrupt the officials in charge, till the cycle starts again. An apocryphal story emerged during the second Nawaz term in office. A businessman approached the pearly gates briefcase in hand. He asked Gabriel to pass the briefcase on to God. On Gabriel's refusal, the businessman says "Just pass it on, it's not for you, let Him decide." The moral to the story is that the businessmen are so sure of the lure of money, that they think that money works even in the celestial spheres .
Pakistan desperately needs an honest man at the helm, and Imran Khan is the only one on the horizon. All the others in the political field have proven themselves to be flawed and corrupt. The fear uppermost in the politician's mind is the punishment due, and avoided to date. Zardari has excelled at manipulating the system, managing to propel himself to the highest office in the land—the presidency. That he was elected unopposed speaks volumes for our politicians. That a convicted felon could rise to becoming president of Pakistan, must have our Founder turning in his grave. Once in power, our crook president used his largesse that allowed him to pass on these profits to his cronies, entitling him to be known as a friend of friends. Fortunately for Pakistan, his penchant for choice of loyalty over merit has brought the PPP to its present dismal state. In Pakistan, the political parties continue to ignore the value of merit.
Our elected PM continues with his worldly trips, his latest to Saudi Arabia to perform Umra, ignoring the turmoil in his own backyard. His trip may be to thank his hosts for the hospitality extended to him during his exile, shown in his body language. It also hides the anger of the Pakistanis at the funding of our TTP enemies through their Saudi, and Gulf agencies. This curt message has been already delivered by General Raheel, and taken to heart. It is also apparent that the "Soft Coup" being talked about is already manifesting itself. The political government has sidelined itself, and continues to make itself seem to be busy, while the de facto leader in full uniform is received at 10 Downing St., by the British prime minister, without any civilian aide. The first serving Pakistani COAS to be invited to Downing St., to be thus feted. The significance of this visit is not lost on the Pakistanis, the spin doctors of the PML-N notwithstanding. As one TV anchor cleverly put it. Invited to the home of the mother and khala of democracy, the COAS was feted in full uniform, putting on notice the 400 or so Pakistani politicians, the realpolitik today, as the English have made their standing very clear.
Meanwhile Imran Khan continues to fight a lonely battle against, seemingly unsurmountable odds. The next few weeks will define his future. Maybe his new wife will bring good fortune. Certainly the reception the couple received at the Army School shows their tremendous following amongst the youth of Pakistan. The weak attempt to sabotage the visit, by a few misled Gullu Butts misfired badly, and may have bolstered the Khan's image further.
The latest crisis to hit Pakistan is the acute shortage of petrol.
This has reached a critical stage, with children missing school, and commuters unable to reach their offices. Long lines of cars and motorcycles are seen at petrol pumps, with women standing in line, canisters in hand and even bottles. In any country the bureaucracy is equipped to deal with these matters, and does so with a minimum of fuss, so used are they to their work. Here it seems the oil distribution companies became paralysed due to fear or incompetence, or more dangerously a planned shortage for a windfall. The latter is unlikely, for it would be impossible to hide, and the players would soon be exposed. The bureaucracy is well-entrenched, but has been so brutally suppressed by Bhutto initially, followed by the politicians for their own corrupt requirements.
So the shortage suddenly engulfed Pakistan, and Lahore was the first to be hit. Karachi will soon follow. The misery faced by the citizens will ensure no member of the Sharif family ever gets any votes from Lahore. The PML-N has taken to the media crying "conspiracy" not realizing that it is itself responsible for the fiasco, and their people are not smart or competent enough to plan such a huge scam. The main losers are the politicians who have been exposed by successively corrupt prime ministers, and shortages of commodities, such as electricity gas and now petrol. The people cannot tolerate any more of this kleptocracy. They would rather an honest dictatorship, which would bring about a cleansing and punishment for all the scams visited upon the people. This cleaning program has been missing from our political landscape, and its effects are manifest in the downward spiral.
The petrol crisis may force the PML-N to advise the president to form a national government, lest the national goverment be formed without the PMLN.
[The views in this article are entirely the author's. Cutting Edge does not subscribe to them. Ed]